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BEIJING — A Chinese space Tiangong-1, roughly the size of a school bus has pierced the Earth’s atmosphere over the South Pacific, most of it has reportedly burned up, Chinese state media says.

The space station made its long-awaited re-entry in the central region of the South Pacific at 8:15 am [00:15 GMT] on Monday, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported, citing the China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO).

The ‘Heavenly Palace’, also known as Tiangong-1, began its descent around 10:15am, according to Xinhua. Once it reached around 70km above the surface, the intense heat of re-entry melted the craft and it began to break apart.

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Launched in 2011, the Tiangong-1, became China’s first space station. Before China lost control of its first orbiter in October 2016, it hosted two crewed missions in 2012 and 2013. It is presumed that the station was free-falling due to a technical malfunction, although, the Chinese have not confirmed or denied that.

The crashed space lab burned up almost entirely on its way back to Earth, Chinese media reported, citing data from the Beijing Aerospace Control Center.

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Balmiki Education Foundation School students develop robot





BHADRAPUR— Students from Balmiki Education Foundation based in Birtamodh, Jhapa have developed several instruments including robot, drone and censor car.

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Eighth grader Roshan Kumar Saha and his colleagues made a robot at the cost of Rs 180,000.
The robot developed by the students was kept at Science Exhibition of the school on Monday.

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