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Yomari Punhi, Dhanya Poornima and Udhauli festivals being observed today



KATHMANDU — The Yomari Punhi (Yomari Poornima), Dhanya Poornima and Udhauli festivals are being observed across the country Sunday.

The Yomari Poornima Poornima festival, which is believed to have started 400 years ago, is a festival observed by the Newar community of the Valley. A special delicacy made of rice flour and molasses called Yomari is the major attraction of this festival.

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This full moon day is also called the Dhanya Poornima. The day is also observed as the Jyapu Day.

Coincidently, the day also happens to be the Udhauli festival observed by people from the Kirant community.

This festival is observed wishing for a good harvest by worshipping the soil and nature, according to Kirti Kumar Dumi Rai, who has been studying the Kirant culture.

People from the Rai, Limbu, Sunuwar and Yakhya ethnicities observe this festival.

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Main News

FPTP vote count concludes, UML emerges as largest party with 80 seats



KATHMANDU — The vote count for the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) for the House of Representatives and provincial Assembly elections has for concluded on Wednesday.

As per the final result, CPN-UML has emerged as the largest party of the nation with 80 seats to the House of Representatives and 168 seats on provincial assemblies.

Similarly, the CPN (Maoist Centre) has won in 36 federal constituencies and the party has emerged victorious in 73 provincial constituencies.

ALSO READ :  Yomari, Dhanya Poornima and Udhauli being observed

Likewise, the Nepali Congress (NC) has won in 23 federal constituencies. The party has been elected in 45 provincial constituencies.

Federal socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) and Rastriya Janta Party Nepal (RJPN) have secured victory on 10 and 11 seats on federal constituencies and 24 and 16 seats in provincial assemblies respectively.

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