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Woman dies after being partially sucked out of window as plane engine blows up

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A woman has died after being partially sucked out of a plane window when one of its engines blew up in mid-air.

The mother-of-two, Jennifer Riordan was fatally injured and seven others were injured shortly after the Southwest Airlines jet departed New York bound for Dallas on Tuesday (local time).

She was hit by shrapnel after the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 blew an engine at 32,000ft during its journey from New York to Dallas.

Passengers dragged the woman back in as the sudden decompression of the cabin pulled her part way through the opening, but she was fatally injured.

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Amy Serafini and Hollie MacKay were two rows behind her, and told CNN she was hanging outside the plane for many minutes.

Parts of the engine smashed the window next to Mrs Riordan and she was sucked out of the plane, as fellow passengers fought to drag her back inside.

The pilot of the plane, a twin-engine Boeing 737 with 149 people aboard, took it into a rapid descent and made an emergency landing in Philadelphia just before noon (local time).


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PM Oli receives tika from his father Mohan Prasad Oli





KATHMANDU- Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli received tika, jamara and tilak from his father Mohan Prasad Oli at the auspicious hour of 9:51 am on the occasion of Bijaya Dashami today.

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Oli also offered tika, jamara and tilak to Radhika Shakya, the Prime Minister’s spouse, on the occasion. The event was held at the Prime Minister’s residence.


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