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What happens if you don’t put your phone on flight mode during flight?

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KATHMANDU — Airlines prescribe travelers change their phones to flight mode during a flight but do you know the reasons behind it ?

If you don’t, experts have now unveiled what REALLY happens if you don’t do that.

It’s commonly believed that a device’s signal can interfere with a plane’s electrical and telecommunications systems but can they cause a crash?

According to MailOnline Travel, now experts can unveil reality behind the prevalent view and discovered precisely what happens, when you don’t put your device on flight mode.

Writing on a blog post for the site AirlineUpdates, a pilot revealed that although mobiles can cause audible interference with the aircraft’s radios, but it’s rare.

The pilot continued: “You’ve probably heard this interference yourself when a phone is set near a speaker. It sounds like a ‘dit-dit-dit-dit’ tone and it’s pretty annoying.”

In fact, the most likely reason for airlines asking passengers to put their devices on flight mode is to avoid annoying the pilots and air traffic controllers with awful sounds.

Despite some passengers believing their phones could bring the plane down, experts claim modern technology is safe and reliable and there’s no evidence electronics have ever caused a crash.

Airline workers experience the same sort of unpleasant sounds that we do if a mobile phone is too close to a set of speakers.

If a plane makes 50 journeys, the interference occurs only twice, on average, over that period of time and often this can be because of cabin crew member’s phones.

But, if there are repeated interference, it can cause the pilot or crew to miss a crucial radio call from air traffic control.

Now, some international airlines are introducing telecommunication base stations that operate at very low power and designed not to interfere with crew’s signals.

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2 Nepalis in Lhasa jail for smuggling gold





RASUWA — Two Nepali youths are reported to be in a jail in Lhasa of China, on the charge of their involvement in gold smuggling.

Gyal Dorje Tamang of Gosaikunda Rural Municipality-5 in Rasuwa and Bikash Waiba of Hakubesi of Aamachhodongmo Rural Municipality were detained in Chinese territory by the customs department informers of the Tibet government around a month ago as they were about to enter Nepal on a truck bearing the Nepali number plate.

The Chinese side confiscated nine pieces of precious yellow metal from the two, Rasuwa District Police Office quoted the Nepal Consulate General Office in Lhasa as saying.

According to Rasuwa DPO’s Inspector of Police Dhruba Silwal, further details regarding the case are awaited.

It may be noted that the Chinese side has already started implementing the proposal floated by the Nepali side during the past border-security meetings to increase its surveillance in such illegal affairs bearing in mind increasing smuggling of gold into Nepali territory via China, as Silwal said.

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