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Ukrainian police seize servers of software firm suspected of spreading global virus

KIEV — Ukrainian police have seized the servers of one of the largest accounting software firms in the country on Tuesday, after it was suspected that a malware virus which hit dozens of global enterprises last week had spread via its malicious update,a senior police official said.

The servers of Ukraine’s most popular accounting software, M.E.Doc were seized by Ukrainian police Tuesday as part of an investigation into one of the largest recent cyber attacks, Reuters reported, citing the head of Ukraine’s Cyber Police, Sergey Demedyuk.

Cyber Police spokeswoman Yulia Kvitko confirmed an ongoing investigation into M.E.Doc’s offices.

Though they are still trying to establish who was behind last week’s attack, Ukrainian intelligence officials and security firms have said some of the initial infections were spread via a malicious update issued by M.E.Doc, charges the company’s owners deny.

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While it is still not clear who inserted a vulnerability into the M.E.Doc program, the Kiev-based firm whose software is used by around 80 percent of companies in Ukraine is under investigation itself and will face criminal charges, Associated Press reported citing Demedyuk.

M.E.Doc’s employees had dismissed repeated warnings about the security of their information technology infrastructure, Demedyuk said in an interview with the news agency.

Premium Service, which says it is an official dealer of M.E.Doc’s software, wrote a post on M.E.Doc’s Facebook page saying masked men were searching M.E.Doc’s offices and that the software firm’s servers and services were down.

Cyber Police spokeswoman Yulia Kvitko said investigative actions were continuing at M.E.Doc’s offices, adding that further comment would be made on Wednesday.