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UCPN-Maoist Chair Dahal appeals for leftist unity

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KATHMANDU — UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Friday issued an appeal to all the revolutionary, patriotic and change-seeking forces in the country for unity.

At a program held on the occasion of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) anniversary and the then Soviet Union’s powerful leader, Vladimir Lenin’s 146th birth anniversary here in the Capital, Dahal stressed that today’s prime necessity was to see unity and polarisation among entire revolutionary communists and progressive leftist forces in the country.

“This day will instill motivation in us to take steps forward on the path of socialist revolution by completing the remaining workload of the revolution of people’s democracy,” Dahal said.

He said Nepal Communist Party was established 67 years ago in 2006 BS (1949) coinciding with Lenin’s birth anniversary and added that the communist uprising in Nepal was advancing through a tortuous path and by making noteworthy contribution in nation’s political and social transformation.

Dahal further asserted that communist uprising was rooted at the centre of national politics today following the people’s war and people’s uprising.

He said that the uprising which grew on the foundation of the people’s war ended the royal institution and secured political achievements as republic, secularism, federalism and inclusiveness through the Constituent Assembly (CA).

Dahal said the country’s overall problems could be revolved only through unity and polarisation among all revolutionary communists and progressive leftist forces.


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Over 20,000 drivers taken action through CCTV monitoring





KATHMANDU— The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has effectively launched monitoring of vehicles plying on the road through close circuit (CC) camera in Kathmandu valley.

Traffic Police are keeping a close watch on drivers to check whether they are following the traffic rules or not.

A total of 20,024 drivers of various vehicles faced action based on such monitoring. The police begun this bid since 2073 BS and it has become effective so far, said SSP Basanta Panta of the Traffic Division.

Most of the cases were related to violation of the traffic lane and driving on ‘one way’ roads, he added.

The police are monitoring the traffic activities through 460 close circuit cameras installed at the Division Office, Ranipokhari.

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