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Truck, motorcycle catch fire after 4 vehicles collide in Prithvi Highway

Gorkha Post



DHADING — A transport truck and motorcyclr have been caught fire after four vehicles collied in Prithvi Highway at Mahadevbesi of Thakre rural municipality, Dhading on Wednesday.

The truck (Na 6 Kha 2781) en route to Kathmandu collided with Nepal Army’s truck heading towards Gajuri of Dhading while tryig to save a motorcycle (Ba 75 Pa 6051).

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Another motorbike (Ba 36 Pa 4239), immediately after the trucks collided with motorcycle, hit the truck triggering a blaze, according to eyewitnesses.

The fire gutted transport truck and former motorcycle (Ba 75 Pa 6051) during the deadlt crash. The bike rider and pillion rider sustained injuries and sent to Kathmandu for treatment, said police.

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Bijaya Dashami today

Pratigya Waiju



KATHMANDU- Today, Hindus across the country are observing Bijaya Dashami today.

The 10th day of Bada Dashain is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm by receiving ‘tika’ and ‘jamara’ and blessings from elders.

Although the auspicious hour or the Mul Sait for receiving ‘Devi Prasad’ has been fixed at 9:51 am, the entire day after the immersion of the Goddess is auspicious for that purpose.

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The worship of Durga Bhawani at Dashainghars over nine days concludes formally on the day of Bijaya Dashami after the Abhishek or sprinkling of holy water takes place marking the beginning of tika.

People receive tika and jamara till the full moon day. Tika and jamara are considered the auspicious blessings of the goddess Nava Durga and they signify prosperity.

It is believed that one need not seek an auspicious hour if one undertakes any new assignment, campaign or journey on the auspicious day of Bijaya Dashami.

The Vijaya Dashami festival is celebrated in commemoration of the victory of truth over evil and the victory of divine forces over demonic forces.


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