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Transportations resume in Jumla

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JUMLA — Transportations service, which have been halted since week long Jumla, resumed on Saturday morning after passenger buses of Karnali Transport Entrepreneurs Association have left for Nepalgunj, Surkhet and Kathmandu.

The Karnali Transport Entrepreneurs Association had brought vehicular services to a grinding halt, saying that Chandannath Pvt. Ltd started operating vehicular services along the Karnali Highway without fulfilling due procedures.

Police escorted the passengers to their destination.

According to Chief District Officer, Rudra Prasad Pandit,  Jumla Police will escort the buses to Kalikot, Kalikot Police to Dailekh and Dailekh Police to Surkhet.

Police will take stern action if someone tries to stop the buses, he said.

The passengers were hit hard due to a strike launched by Karnali Transport Entrepreneurs Association in the district.

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Bakar-Eid being celebrated





POKHARA — The Muslim people people are celebrating their grand festival, Bakar Eid, with much fanfare today.

The festival which is to be continued for three days from today is also known as ‘Eid-Ul-Juha’. The Muslim community considers this as a festival of devotion.

Ali Miya Literary Foundation, Pokhara Chairperson and religious preacher Hanif Miya informed that the festival marked the beginning with the recitation of Islam scripture Nawaz at Idgaha of Pokhara in the early morning today.

The Muslim people who are almost 10,000 in number in Pokhara alone are marking the festival with much excitement, he added.

The Muslims visit the mosques, offer prayers to Allah, perform the Namaj prayers and exchange greetings each others on the occasion.

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