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Transgender couple registers marriage for the first time in Nepal

KATHMANDU — A Nepali transgender couple has registered their marriage in Dadeldhura — for the first time in Nepal — despite the lack of law regarding transgender couple and same-sex marriage in the country.

Speaking at a press conference organised in the Capital Saturday, husband Ramesh Nath Yogi (22) and wife Monika Shahi (40) shared their joys for getting married. They have got married on May 7 and have already got married certificate from Dadeldhura.

Shahi expressed her happiness over her new marital status and said further that she hoped that her marriage would be a representative for the transgender community, breaking the stereotypical thinking of the Nepali society.

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“This will pave way for other transgenders to live their life with dignity without hiding the identity as a transgender,” she said.

Claiming that their marriage would set an example in the South Asian countries, where same-sex marriage is still distant,Shahi further said : “This is just a first step towards change. The government needs to enact necessary laws regarding the same.”

Her husband Yogi also expressed his happiness and urged the government to introduce the laws regarding same-sex marriage in the coutry.