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Traffic police officer piggybacks elderly man struggling to cross a busy road in China

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A compassionate traffic police officer is being hailed for helping to an elderly gentleman who was struggling to cross a busy street in China.

A CCTV footage shows the old man struggling to cross several lanes using his two walking sticks after the traffic lights changed.

A traffic policeman then quickly jumps into action and approaches the man.

In a video that has already been viewed thousands of times on Chinese social media sites, the senior can be seen slowly making his way down a crosswalk in Mianyang, Sichuan province as a crowd of bustling pedestrians takes advantage of the green light.

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With dozens of vehicles patiently waiting, the officer had a brief conversation before he hoisted the elderly man onto his back and piggybacked him to safety.

According to Mianyang Traffic Police, while the vehicles waiting for the man did not beep their horns, the officer decided to help speed up the process.

Chinese social media was buzzing with adoration for the officer after the Mianyang Traffic Police posted the video to social media network Weibo.


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German woman,36, auctions virginity online for €250,000

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A 36-year-old German woman who has never had sex says she has successfully auctioned her virginity online for €250,000.

Identified as Mandy, who works as a flight attendant, enlisted the help of Cinderella Escorts to sell her body online after coming across the website in a newspaper, according to Daily Mail report.

The aspiring singer’s offer has been purchased by an anonymous businessman in Munich.

Mandy said she thought her age drove up the bidding on her virginity. She has said she intends to use the proceeds of the auction to boost her career and help her family — leaving some over for charity.

Mandy, speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, said: ‘I never met the right guy. I focused on my career. It just didn’t work out sometimes.’

‘Every woman can only lose her virginity once,’ said Mandy, who will meet the successful bidder to complete the transaction next month.

ALSO READ :  German woman,36, auctions virginity online for €250,000

The flight attendant says she still hopes to meet her dream man after the sale.

The second highest bid for Mandy’s virginity came from a lawyer at €240,000 and the third was from a football Player from Munich at €200,000.

Mandy said she had grown sick of wondering when she might finally have sex for the first time.

‘It’s like the casino,’ she said,’You have to know when to stop. I could go on for years telling myself that I only have to wait another year until I meet the right guy.

‘The years would go by and I’d only lose time. I think I’m doing the right thing.’

Asked what her parents make of her decision Mandy told FEMAIL: ‘If my parents still do not recognise me as an adult woman at 36 and respect my decisions, then this would be very disappointing.

Website founder Jan Zakobielski, who runs the business from Dortmun, Germany, previously likened a woman’s virginity to a ‘very old wine’ or a ‘luxury car.’

Zakobielski will receive 20 per cent — equating to €50,000)– of Mandy’s final price when she meets the bidder in September.

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