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Tongue piercing festival observed with vigor

BHAKTAPUR — Buddha Krishna Bag Shrestha has pierced his tongue this year in front of a huge crowd of devotees at Bode in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality on Saturday to maintain an age-old tradition observed during the Bisket Jatra.

The tongue piercing festival is observed on Baisak 2 every year.

Krishna Chandra Bag Shrestha pierced Buddhakrishna’s tongue with a one-foot-long iron spike amidst traditional music before he was brought to Bode Higher Secondary School near Layaku Chowk by a musical band.

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The tradition, tongue piercing, is the central figure of Bisket Jatra. The tongue does not bleed.

With the spike lodged in the tongue, Shrestha was taken round various places before taking the spike out of his tongue in front of Pancho Ganesh. This is the fifth time Buddha Krishna Shrestha took part in the tongue piercing festival.

It is believed that if the tongue bleeds while piercing, something bad would happen, said Juju Bhai who has taken part in the tongue piercing festival for eight consecutive time.

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