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Three persons including traffic police officer arrested in connection with SSE student death

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SURKHET — Police here have arrested two persons including traffic police officer in coonection with the death of a student appearing in SEE, who was found dead with injuries in left side of body and leg in her rented room at Babiyachaur on Tuesday morning.

Traffic police officer Hari Koirala, who was deployed at Babiyachaur in West Surkhet was arrested for investigation into the murder case of Gaurikala Rokaya, 18, of Panchapuri Municipality-3.

Other two arrestees in the case are Laxmi Prasad Bastola and Khum Prasad Bastola of Panchapuri Municipality-8.

Police have arrested them after investigation in the death of Gaurikala appearing in SEE in West Surkhet has revealed their involvement in the incident.

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Bastola, in his statement, has said that traffic police officer Koirala had asked him to ‘fix a meeting’ with the girl which he did, according to the police.

Gaurikala and officer Koirala then went to a nearby place by the forest in the afternoon and ate snacks along with some alcohol, said Bastola in his statement, adding that he took a leave from the two and went to a nearby village.

Bastola further said that the girl was injured falling off from bike while returning after snacks.

“The girl was injured in a bike accident while returning from the place where they (Gaurikala and Koirala) met. But Koirala instead of taking injured Gaurikala to a medical, dropped her back at her place,” informed Police,

The girl breathed her last at around 1am on Tuesday and the incident had come to light after the neighbours informed the police as her room’s door was not opened until late in the morning before starting the exam.

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Attorney General Kharel directs police to file a case to seek life imprisonment to rapists





DHANUSA— Attorney General Agni Prasad Kharel has directed the police department to file a case seeking life imprisonment to the men arrested for raping and murdering 10-year-old girl Manika Yadav along with confiscation of all property.

He made this direction to Superintendent of Police Gobinda Thapaliya during an inspection of the office of district government advocate and high government advocate office in Janakpur.

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Kharel also met Manika’s family at Aaurahi Rural Municipality.

During the meeting, he assured the bereaved family of action against the rapists and economic help to them.

The Dhanusa police have arrested Binod Mukhiya and Nathuni Pandit from the locality on the charge of raping Manika.

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