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Thai police hunt for randy tourist couple filmed romping on Pattaya drain pipe after night out

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BANGKOK — Thai police are hunting for pair of randy tourists after they were filmed having sex on a Pattaya beach at 8am in the morning.

The saucy couple had been up all night partying by when they jumped on a large black drainage pipe and began romping in Pattaya on Sunday.

Horrified onlookers filmed the pair, who are both believed to be westerners, before cheering at them to stop, reported DailyMirror.

The scene is in front of the Pattaya Marine Rescue Center.

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The span of adore birds, who are suspicion to have been dipsomaniac during the incident, then walked off along the beach.

Police officers have now launched a manhunt for the man and woman and they claim have damaged the image of the popular tourist destination.

Police colonel Apichai Krobpetch, superintendent at Pattaya police station, said: “This happened in a public place where many tourists go to relax. I do not know where the tourists come from but officers are pursuing them in order to protect the reputation of the area.”

Officers have now interviewed staff at the lifeguard’s hut on Dongtan Beach from where the pair were filmed and checking CCTV to retrace their footsteps in the area and appealing to the public for more information.

The tourists will be fined up to 5,000 baht for public obscenity or jailed if they are caught.


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India’s 700 year old banyan tree put on saline drip

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HYDERABAD — The world’s second largest Banyan tree in Pillalamarri of Mahabubnagar district in Indian state of Telangana is on ‘saline drip’ now as part of the rejuvenation of the tree that is almost dying.

The 700-year-old ficus tree is now given treatment by injecting a diluted chemical to kill termite population that infested the tree.

The tree was spread across three acres and is believed to be the second biggest Banyan tree in the world,according to news agency ANI.

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One of its branches got infested by insects and is on saline drip as part of the rejuvenation. The tree is given treatment by injecting diluted chemical to kill termite population that infested it.

Termites had affected almost entire tree due to which parts of it are fallen, and it closed for tourists in December 2017.

District collector of Mahbubnagar inspected the tree and ordered forest officials to take care of it. They began the treatment of the tree with mixed chlorpyrifos(Pesticide) in saline bottle.

Forest officials are infusing the chemical solution drop by drop using saline bottles similar to a saline drip given to patients in the hospital as pumping of chemical into the stem failed. The solution was injected in the barks of the tree.

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