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Taskforce submits report on Tikapur carnage

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A parliamentary taskforce formed to probe the Tikapur incident in which eight policemen and a minor lost their lives in a savage clash between protesters and police personnel in Tikapur on August 24, has submitted its report on Monday.

The taskforce coordinator Jeevan Shrestha submitted the report to the Social Justice and Human Rights Committee.

The report concluded that the incident was unimaginable, condemnable, regrettable, inhumane and violence-oriented. The report reads that the incident took place soon after the top parties agreed to demarcate the country into six federal provinces.

The report says that the incident took place due to political conspiracy and crime motives.

The report has further urged the government to bring the culprits under the ambit of legal action.

Likewise, the report has suggested providing compensation to the families of those killed in the incident and relief to the injured people.

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Country marking today as Black Day





KATHMANDU- The country is marking today (December 16) as Black Day to protest the disposition of the first democratically elected government by the late former king Mahendra Shah on December 15, 1960.

Mahendra took charge of the state with the help of the then Royal Nepali Army and formulated the Panchayat System by overthrowing the elected government led by B.P. Koirala and dissolving the parliament.

Various programmes are scheduled on the occasion.

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