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Second Chibok schoolgirl rescued: Nigerian army

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ABUJA — A second girl who was among more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in an attack on their school in the northeastern Nigerian town of Chibok over two years back has been rescued, a spokesperson for the Nigerian army said on Thursday.

An emailed statement carried by PR Nigeria, an official government agency which releases information, said army spokesman Sani Usman had “confirmed the rescue of another Chibok girl this evening”, adding that more details would be provided later.

The first of the 219 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria’s Chibok over two yearsbefore was found and met with her mom yesterday, raising hopes for those still being held.

Amina Ali Nkeki, 19, with a baby daughter, was found on Tuesday in the Sambisa Forest area of Borno state, and was brought back to her home town of Mbalala, near Chibok.

She was flown to the Nigerian capital to meet President Muhammadu Buhari, who has promised her education will continue.

He said nobody in Nigeria should be put through the brutality of forced marriage, and that every girl has a right to education and their choice of life.

Mr Buhari, a former military ruler, cradled Ms Nkeki’s baby in his arms during the meeting in the presidential villa before posing for a group photograph.

Accompanied by her mother, Binta, and Nigeria’s defence minister and national security adviser, Ms Nkeki spent more than an hour with the President, who made crushing Boko Haram a pillar of his 2015 presidential election campaign.

Earlier on Thursday the Governor of Borno state, where Chibok is located, said the army was drawing up plans and moving into a Boko Haram forest stronghold in a bid to rescue the remaining girls.

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A video showing 15 of the 219 schoolgirls held by the jihadist group in April added pressure on the Nigerian Government to secure their release after activists accused authorities of mishandling the case in the two years since their mass kidnap.

Community leaders said Ms Nkeki told her relatives that most of the girls were still in the Sambisa Forest area, but six had died.

More than 15,000 people have been killed and 2 million displaced in Nigeria and neighbouring Chad, Niger and Cameroon during Boko Haram’s insurgency.


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Over 70% of deep-sea fish of Atlantic Ocean have ingested plastic : Study

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Fragments of plastic are found throughout the world, from nearly every continent to nearly every body of water. But, researchers recently have found 73 percent of Northwest Atlantic deep-sea fish are also eating it — the highest reported frequency of plastic-eating fish in the world.

Plastic particles were found in some of the most remote parts of the Atlantic Ocean with almost three quarters of a sample of more than 230 deep-water fish collected by NUI Galway scientists having ingested plastic particles.

The contamination level among the fish species, located in the northwest Atlantic thousands of kilometres from land and 600m down in the ocean, is one of the highest reported frequencies of microplastic occurrence in fish worldwide, according to the study published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

The NUIG scientists, as part of the study, participated in a transatlantic crossing onboard the marine institute’s Celtic Explorer vessel.

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PhD candidate and lead author Alina Wieczorek said, “Deep-water fish migrate to the surface at night to feed on plankton [microscopic animals] and this is likely when they are exposed to the microplastics.”

During this research cruise they took dead deep-sea fish from midwater trawls such as the spotted lanternfish, rakery beaconlamp, stout saw-palate and scaly dragonfish.

Microplastics are small plastic fragments that commonly originate from the breakdown of larger plastic items entering the ocean. Other sources may be waste water effluents carrying plastic fibres from clothing and microbeads from personal care products. Due to their low density, most of these microplastics float at the sea surface.

The fish ranged in size from the smallest species the Glacier Lantern at 3.5cm to the largest species, the stout saw-palate at 59cm.


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