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Saurya Airlines aircraft grounded after bird strike

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BIRATNAGAR — A Saurya Airlines jet has been grounded at Biratnagar airport after a bird strike on Monday.

The Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft bound for Biratnagar has suffered a damage in its two blades of its left engine after a bird strike shortly after take-off from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu at around 8:45 am.

Pilot Abhishek Rai called for an emergency landing at Biratnagar airport after the jet began vibrating midway into the flight.

The aircraft with 52 people onboard including four crew members, however, landed safely at Biratnagar Airport.

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Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Spokesperson Pratab Babu Tiwari, however, said that the pilot did not inform Kathmandu tower about the strike adding a dead bird was later found on the runway after the plane took off.

A Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul was delayed by one and half hours due to increased activity of birds at TIA, according to the airport sources.

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Mahanawami being observed today

Pratigya Waiju



KATHMANDU- Mahanawami, the ninth day of Bada Dashain, is being observed throughout the country.

Since early morning, a large number of devotees visit the temples of goddesses Mahakali, Shri Mahalaxmi and Durga Bhagawati.

On this day, prayers are offered and Durga Saptasati recited at the Shaktipeeths.

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Chicken, ducks, goats, sheep and buffaloes are sacrificed and vegetarians offer coconuts, radish, bottle-gourds, etc in the place of animals.

Thousands of people worship at the Taleju Bhawani temple at Hanumandhoka which is opened once a year on the day of Mahanawami.

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