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Saudi man divorces wife for chatting on phone soon after the marriage

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JEDDAH — A Saudi man has divorced his wife soon after their marriage after he found that she was chatting with her friends on her mobile phone.

According to reports, after the wedding ceremony in the city of Jeddah, the recently married couple reached the hotel room where the bride started exchanging messages with her friends and did not acknowledge her husband’s presence.

The groom wanted to talk to her but she ignored him. When he asked her about the reasons, the bride said she was busy communicating with her friends who were congratulating her on their marriage on the mobile, Gulf News reported.

When the groom asked her as to who among the two was more important, she replied that her friends were important to her than him.

Enraged with her reply, the groom told the bride that he was divorcing her and left the hotel room in anger.

A divorce case has already been filed in the court, which has referred the case to a reconciliation committee. The groom, however, was too hurt in his pride to forgive and refused to withdraw the case and insisted on the divorce, the report said.

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2 Nepalis in Lhasa jail for smuggling gold





RASUWA — Two Nepali youths are reported to be in a jail in Lhasa of China, on the charge of their involvement in gold smuggling.

Gyal Dorje Tamang of Gosaikunda Rural Municipality-5 in Rasuwa and Bikash Waiba of Hakubesi of Aamachhodongmo Rural Municipality were detained in Chinese territory by the customs department informers of the Tibet government around a month ago as they were about to enter Nepal on a truck bearing the Nepali number plate.

The Chinese side confiscated nine pieces of precious yellow metal from the two, Rasuwa District Police Office quoted the Nepal Consulate General Office in Lhasa as saying.

According to Rasuwa DPO’s Inspector of Police Dhruba Silwal, further details regarding the case are awaited.

It may be noted that the Chinese side has already started implementing the proposal floated by the Nepali side during the past border-security meetings to increase its surveillance in such illegal affairs bearing in mind increasing smuggling of gold into Nepali territory via China, as Silwal said.

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