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Russian intelligent robot escapes from lab second time, researchers might scrap it

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MOSCOW — In a bizarre moment captured on the streets of Russia last week, a robot was seen wandering on the streets creating chaos as vehicles averted and drove past to avoid collision.

According to The Mirror, A robot named Promobot IR77 has escaped from a Russian lab for a second time and researchers are considering scrapping the program on which it’s based.

Promobot IR77 was being put through its paces at a research lab in the city of Perm in central Russia’s Perm Krai region.

Last week, the robot made it approximately 160 feet (50 meters) to the street, before it lost power and partially paralyzed the traffic.

Promobot IR77, being designed to become a customer relations robot which can answer questions and remember every person it has ever met, has been equipped with artificial intelligence and can remember everyone it meets. Additionally, it can remember locations, directions and can answer people’s questions intelligently.

Promobot IR77 has escaped twice from its lab now and researchers are wondering if the AI program that runs it is defective.

Promobot IR77 made news earlier in June when it escaped the high tech lab. It was seen wandering outside in a yard escaping through a gate that was not shut properly.


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Far-West Province has high potential: Minister Bhatta





BAITADI— Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forests and Environment of Far-West Province Maya Bhatta has said that Far-West Province has high potentials for development.

At an orientation programme for journalists in Baitadi on Saturday, Bhatta said that the Far-West Province has high chance for religious tourism.

On the occasion, Province Minister Bhatta feted Far-West Provincial Chairman of National Association of Tourism Journalists (NATOJ) Amar Raj Bhattarai and newly-elected Chairman of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Baitadi chapter Mahesh Prasad Awasthi.

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