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Prez Yadav pays homage to Nava Durga on last day of Dashain

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President Ram Baran Yadav on Monday paid homage at the temple of Goddess Nava Durga in Bhaktapur on the occasion of the Kojagrat Purnima, the last of the Bada Dashain festival.

The President received Tika and Prasad from the Nava Durga temple’s priest Julal Karmacharya.

He also offered worship and prayers at the temple.  On the occasion, President Yadav observed the statues of Nava Durga’s Devgans and other deities’ statues at the temple premises.

Chief Priest of Nava Durga’s Devgans, Indra Bahadur Banmala, offered garland, Bimiro and threads in five different colours known as Pancharangi Dhago to President Yadav.

The President was greeted by Chief District Officer Toyam Raya, Superintendent of Police Kiran Bajracharya, Local Development Officer Pashupati Babu Puri, Chief of Guthi Sansthan Leknath Sapkota among top government officials and local political leaders upon arrival at the temple.

President Yadav offered Rs 251 each as gifts to Goddess Navadurga’s priest, leader and escorts.  The Goddess’s escorts submitted a memorandum to the President calling on the government for allocation of necessary budget citing their poor situation.

Nava Durga Devgan Guthi’s, Narayan Banmala, said that an eight year old boy has to become an escort for at least eight months by leaving the studies behind, therefore, the government must arrange for facilities to study and provide alternate employment to the family members.

Banmala further said the government must manage the Nava Durga Jatra (festival) which costs Rs 1 million but struggles to raise fund.


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Civil service employees disagree ordinance





RUPANDEHI- The Nepal Civil Service Employees Union (Association) Province-5 has expressed discontent on the employees’ adjustment ordinance brought out by the government.

Noting that the employees’ adjustment ordinance was introduced against the common understanding of the employees, the committee on Monday submitted a 12-point memorandum to the federal government through Province-5 Chief Minister and Office of Council of Ministers.

It may be noted that a 22-point common concept was submitted to the government through Chief Secretary of the federal government after holding discussions among national level trade unions of civil service. The discussion was coordinated by the authentic trade union of civil service employees.

The committee has expressed disagreement on the issuance of employees adjustment ordinance-2018 against the share concerns against the shared concept of the employees.

The Nepal Civil Service Employees Union (Association) has been insisting on the government to adjust employees as per the Adjustment Act-2074 and immediately enforce the voluntary retirement plan as per the Clause 13 of the Act.

A team headed by Association Province-5 Chairperson Madan Gautam had submitted the memorandum to Secretary of Chief Minister and Council of Minister, Basanta Adhikari.

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