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Prez Yadav pays homage to Nava Durga on last day of Dashain

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President Ram Baran Yadav on Monday paid homage at the temple of Goddess Nava Durga in Bhaktapur on the occasion of the Kojagrat Purnima, the last of the Bada Dashain festival.

The President received Tika and Prasad from the Nava Durga temple’s priest Julal Karmacharya.

He also offered worship and prayers at the temple.  On the occasion, President Yadav observed the statues of Nava Durga’s Devgans and other deities’ statues at the temple premises.

Chief Priest of Nava Durga’s Devgans, Indra Bahadur Banmala, offered garland, Bimiro and threads in five different colours known as Pancharangi Dhago to President Yadav.

The President was greeted by Chief District Officer Toyam Raya, Superintendent of Police Kiran Bajracharya, Local Development Officer Pashupati Babu Puri, Chief of Guthi Sansthan Leknath Sapkota among top government officials and local political leaders upon arrival at the temple.

President Yadav offered Rs 251 each as gifts to Goddess Navadurga’s priest, leader and escorts.  The Goddess’s escorts submitted a memorandum to the President calling on the government for allocation of necessary budget citing their poor situation.

Nava Durga Devgan Guthi’s, Narayan Banmala, said that an eight year old boy has to become an escort for at least eight months by leaving the studies behind, therefore, the government must arrange for facilities to study and provide alternate employment to the family members.

Banmala further said the government must manage the Nava Durga Jatra (festival) which costs Rs 1 million but struggles to raise fund.


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2018 to be marked as high-level visit year : Minister Gyawali





KATHMANDU — Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradip Gyawali has said that the year 2018 would be made the high-level visit year to solicit assistance for economic development.

Minister Gyawali, at an interaction programme in the capital city today, said that the high-level visit would be helpful to collect assistance for Nepal’s development and prosperity.

“Homework to invite Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping would begin very soon. Chinese President Xi Jinping was invited in 2016 but his visit could not happen due to change in government. This time, high-level visits from the USA, the UK, Japan and other countries would be arranged,” Minister Gyawali said.

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He also added that the visit from Prime Minister of Pakistan held last month increased goodwill and was concentrated on holding the stalled SAARC Summit.

On the occasion, the Foreign Affairs Minister said that truce in Syria should be held as the children are falling victims to the war.

He also pledged to work to increase Nepal’s access to UN adding that our approach is not established in comparison to Nepal’s contribution to peace keeping mission. Minister Gyawali reiterated his commitment to not allow Nepal’s soil to be used against any nation.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said that Nepal’s relations with China and India would be based on our necessity instead of an alternative to one another.

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