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Prez Bhandari presents Govt’s policy and program

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KATHMANDU — President Bidya Devi Bhandari has presented the government’s annual policy and program at the House for the next fiscal year 2016/17 on Sunday.

PM KP Sharma Oli had handed over a copy of the policy and program to the President while the Parliament meeting began.

The President said local polls be held between mid-November and mid-December this year.

The government has aimed to include Sustainable Development Goals in its development policies and programs declaring the next fiscal year as ‘beginning toward prosperity’ and the next five years as the ‘time of development’.

President Bhandari pointed out implementation of the Constitution and federalism including amendment to existing laws and formation of new ones as a priority.

Likewise, she said the government would speed-up post-quake reconstruction efforts and complete rebuilding of all individual residences within two years. The government would provide subsidised loans for the same.

The government offices, schools and buildings of archaeological importance would also be rebuilt with a priority.

Likewise, the government would introduce ‘One Home: One Employment’ program to promote employment as a component of social security.

While creating sufficient opportunities of employment in the domestic market, the government would gradually decrease dependence on foreign employment.

The government has also prioritised public-private partnership as of last years.

Likewise, the government would strive to make the nation independent on livestock production. For this, subsidised loans to farmers and establishment of slaughterhouse will be prioritised.

The government would encourage forest-based forestry. It would convert barren lands into forests. Employment opportunities will be sought in forest areas.

The government would make a master plan for conservation of the Chure region.

The government would establish big industrial zones in all provinces within next three years and the process would begin the next fiscal.

The government would stress implementation of the new Commerce Policy for promotion of the national commerce.

The government would manage market monitoring and supply system. A Market Monitoring Office would be established in each of the provinces.

Petroleum reserve stations would be established in various places so as to suffice the domestic demands for proteum products for at least 90 days.

The government has also mentioned generation of 10,000 megawatt hydropower within next 10 years. Completion of under-construction hydropower has also been kept as a priority.

The government would establish at least one reservoir-based hydropower project in each of the provinces as possible.

Beginning her address, the President had said the new Constitution promulgated in September last year institutionalised various achievements of democratic movements including republicanism, federalism, secularism and fundamental rights.

She added that the Constitution concluded struggles for democratic political and civil rights.

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Bakar-Eid being celebrated





POKHARA — The Muslim people people are celebrating their grand festival, Bakar Eid, with much fanfare today.

The festival which is to be continued for three days from today is also known as ‘Eid-Ul-Juha’. The Muslim community considers this as a festival of devotion.

Ali Miya Literary Foundation, Pokhara Chairperson and religious preacher Hanif Miya informed that the festival marked the beginning with the recitation of Islam scripture Nawaz at Idgaha of Pokhara in the early morning today.

The Muslim people who are almost 10,000 in number in Pokhara alone are marking the festival with much excitement, he added.

The Muslims visit the mosques, offer prayers to Allah, perform the Namaj prayers and exchange greetings each others on the occasion.

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