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PM Oli says govt is committed to nation’s prosperity

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MUGU — Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli gas said that the government’s commitment to making the nation prosperous.

Addressing the nation from the shores of Rara Lake of remote Mugu district of Karnali Province on the first day of the Nepali New Year 2075 BS on Saturday, Prime Minister Oli has spoken of an unprecedented opportunity at hand to herald economic development and prosperity in the country.

Wishing good health and prosperity to the Nepali brothers and sisters on the occasion of New Year 2075, PM oli said the government remains competent in resolving the country’s problems.

“Following the success of the elections, our country Nepal has been able to establish a new standard in the democratic exercise,” PM Oli said adding further “The history has provided us with an unprecedented opportunity for economic development and prosperity.”

Stating that the year 2074 stood out as an important year for political achievement, the PM noted that the country received pro-people, democratic, patriotic, progressive and pro-development government with the end of political transition last year.

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Prime Minister Oli also vowed to put the backward Karnali Province on board the country’s development process and urged for support from all stakeholders and public to achieve the government’s goal.

Focusing mainly on the commercialization of agriculture, access to education and health for all, promotion of tourism and herbal products and ending discriminatory social traditions in Karnali and across the country in his speech,the Prime Minister went on to add that a new phase of stability has emerged in course of the successful implementation of the constitution following the conclusion of the three tiers of elections.

“Nepal will be built and it should be built. Yes, there is a term and period for everything. There is a limit for a man’s knowledge and capability. But there are no limits for honesty and no set term for faith. There is no need for alternate training for anyone to work with sincerity and dedication,” PM Oli insisted.

He also underlined the determination to develop close relations with the neighbouring countries, friendly nations and the international community by keeping the national interest at the centre stage.

The PM stressed further that a country does not become big or small compared to other countries on basis of shape, demography and economy rather it is based on the subject of sovereignty.

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TIA resumes operation after Malindo aircraft skids off runway towed

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KATHMANDU — Tribhuvan International Airport has resumed operation since 9:00 am Friday morning after it was closed at around 10:45 pm on Thursday.

The airport had halted all international flights following the runway excursion by the Kuala Lumpur-bound Malindo Air flight on Thursday night, according to TIA officials.

The Boeing 737-900ER aircraft taking off for Kuala Lumpur from Kathmandu skidded off the runway at 10:07 pm yesterday.

The flight OD 181 with call sign 9M-LNJ, was cleared for takeoff from runway 20 with 139 people, including 4 crew members, on board the aircraft.

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It has been learnt that the pilot swerved the plane towards the ground from the runway after sensing some technical glitches with the tyres of the aircraft.

But the aircraft apparantly couldn’t stop because of the take-off speed and load at the final moment and overran 50m south (Koteshwor side) from the runway threshold and rested in a grassland at around 22:08 pm (local time).

The runway was closed following the incident. However, the aircraft has not suffered any damage but the front tyre has been stuck in the mud.

In March 2015, a Turkish Airlines aircraft also suffered a runway excursion during landing at TIA that had closed the country’s sole international airport for four days.

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