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One day, different name! Dhanya Purnima, Yomari Punhi, Udhauli being observed

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KATHMANDU — Different communities across the country are celebrating different festivals on Friday. The day is celebrated as the Dhanya Purnima by Hindu communities, while Newars communities celebrating the day as Yomari Punhi and Kiranti people observe the Udhauli festival today.

Dhanya Purnima

Dhanya Purnima is a Hindu festival celebrated to mark the completion of the rice harvest season across the country. Hindus celebrate this festival by stocking new grain and making offerings to god and goddesses to ensure abundant supply of grains consistently.

Yomari Punhi

Yomari Punhi is a Newari festival denoting the end of the rice harvest. Yomari is a kind of Newari food and Punhi implies full moon. In the celebration,yomari goddess Annapurna, lord of grains and food is venerated to thank the goddess for good rice collecting.

This festival is celebrated by making, eating and distributing Yomaris. The festival is celebrated for four days. People worship god Kuber, Ganesh and goddess Subhadra in these four days. Yomari is eaten as prasad and it is believed that those gods enter the human body in the form of Yomari.

Yomari is the Newari food made of rice flour, molasses (chaku) and sesame seeds. It is the main food during the festival. Different shapes of Yomaris are prepared in the form of gods and goddesses like Ganesh, Kumar, Laxmi and Kuber.

Yamori is also compared with the Earth. Two sides of Yomari are assumed as North and South pole. The stuffing of molasses and sesame seeds is regarded as Goddess Mahamaya. The Yomari with black lentil is regarded as God Kumar.


udhauliUdhauli Parva falls during harvesting season. This festival is primarily celebrated by Kirant community like Limbu,  Rai, Yakkha and Sunuwar of Kathmandu Valley and different parts of the nation.

The word “udhauli” means going down. During winter, the birds and animals in upper hills migrate to lower lands. It is from this process that the nature-loving community got the festival’s name — Udhauli. It is believed that from this day, the winter season starts.

In this festival, Kirant people worship land or Mother Nature which is called Bhumi Puja. They worship Mother Nature thanking for giving good crops.

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Three arrested with tiger hides





KATHMANDU- The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Tuesday arrested three persons in possession of tiger hides.

The CIB said that Man Bahadur Tamang of Shailung Rural Municipality in Dolakha; Lokmaya Gurung of Barpak Sulikot Rural Municipality in Gorkha district and Amar Singh of Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality in Saptari district were arrested from Budhanilkantha in the capital city acting on a tip off about their involvement in smuggling of animals’ hides and skeleton.

All three have been sent to the Division Forests Office, Kathmandu for further actions. According to the Superintendent of Police Sudip Giri, the alleged would be booked as per the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1973 and CITES Convention, 1975.

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