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NT’s 4G now available for iPhone users

NT's 4G now available for iPhone users

KATHMANDU — Apple iPhone 5 series and above users in Nepal now can enjoy Nepal Telecom’s 4G,Long Term Evolution (LTE), service in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

NT,issuing a press statement on Tuesday, said that customers can now subscribe to 4G service in all aforementioned series of iPhone as Apple has released Beta Version technology for the sets available in Nepal.

NT said that iPhone users need to install beta version of iOS by visiting Apple’s website to use NT’s 4G/LTE service.

Due to lack of such version in iPhones available in Nepal, a number of iPhone users were deprived of 4G service. NT had then requested Apple to introduce the feature in its mobile phones in Nepal.

The state-owned telecom company had launched 4G service for postpaid users and prepaid users on January 1 and February 4 respectively.

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