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Nepal’s last car porter dies at 92

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KATHMANDU — Dhan Bahadur Gole, 92, the last known Nepali porters who carried cars in Kathmandu for a living in the 1930s, has passed away.

Gole was suffering from asthma and died while undergoing treatment at a healing center in Kathmandu. He was cremated in the place where he grew up Chitlang, Makwanpur on Tuesday.

Gole was the last known survivor of a generation of porters who carried luxury cars on foot across steep mountain passes to then Nepal’s Rana rulers in Kathmandu.

Before the country built its first highway in 1956 only the capital city had paved roads, and porters were the only means of getting cars to the wealthy Rana dynasty.

Gole had never even heard of cars when he started working as a porter at the age of 20, let alone seen one.

Also known as the “gadi bokne buda’” (car carrying old man) in Chitlang, Gole was among the porters recruited by transporters to transport motor cars to Kathmandu in the 1930s.

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Demand for legalizing same-sex marriage





KATHMANDU- Stakeholders concerned have demanded a law related to same-sex marriage in the context when the Nepal’s constitution and laws have accepted the concept of marital equality.

At an interaction program held with media about the issue of gender identity and sexual orientation by an organization named Yubalaya here Sunday, the demand came as a prompt need of the time by the people concerned.

The complaint of homosexuals was that they were deprived of marriage by choice in the absence of the legalization of same-sex marriage which according to them is the deprivation of fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution.

Blue Diamond Society Program Officer Anuj Peter said though the constitution has promised to make special provisions for protection, empowerment or development of gender and sexual minorities, such vows are yet to be executed in practice.

Peter, who identifies himself as a homosexual, shares that he has been legally denied to marry a man of his choice.

Yubalaya Chair Sabin Singh highlighted the need of support from media and civil society to address the issue of gender identity and sexual minorities regarding same-sex marriage law.

The participants of the program put their queries about marital equality, broader sexual education and safe abortion.

As told by the Society, to date, 30 countries across the world have legalized same-sex marriage and endorsed a law towards that end and the Netherlands was the first country to legalize it in the end of 2000.

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