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Ncell tower arson: 2 Maoist leaders held in Myagdi

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MYAGDI — Two Maoist leaders of Myagdi district were arrested for their alleged involvement in an arson attack on an Ncell tower in Beni Municipality of the district.

Lalu Kisan aka Akash and Padam Pun aka Filter, associated with the Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN Maoist party, were arrested from the district headquarters this morning.

Earlier, a tower belonging to the nation’s top telecommunication company from the private sector was set on fire in Bancharedil of Beni Municipality-4.

Police have claimed that the Chand-led party carried out the arson attack on Saturday evening.

A generator was destroyed in the incident.

Earlier, another Maoist leader Gopal Sharma was also briefly detained for investigation into the case on Sunday.

The Maoist party had simultaneously carried out the arson attack on various Ncell towers across the nation on Saturday.


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Sleeping in on weekends may help live longer

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Sleep deprivation has been found to have numerous negative effects on a person’s health. But the new study has shown that sleeping more on the weekend might help ease health problems associated with not getting enough during the week, and even reduce the risk of an early death.

The study, published in Journal of Sleep Research by scientists from Sweden and the United States, suggested that the negative effects of a few nights of short sleep could be counteracted by staying in bed over the weekend.

The from the Stress Research Institute (SRI) at Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institute discovered that people below 65 years old who slept less than five hours on weekends had a higher risk of early death after examining medical and lifestyle data from more than 43,000 adults, following them for a period of 13 years.

For people who slept for less than five hours throughout the week but slept longer on the weekends for about nine hours, there was no increase in mortality risk. But, for people who consistently slept for less than five hours through the whole week, the mortality risk is higher.

Torbjorn Akerstedt, one of the authors of the research and a clinical neuroscience professor from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, said that the findings were consistent with previous studies on the link between sleep duration and mortality.

However, those previous studies only focused on sleep during weekdays.

“The results imply that short sleep is not a risk factor for mortality if it is combined with a medium or long weekend sleep,” the researchers wrote in the study.

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