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NC unveils its election manifesto

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KATHMANDU — The ruling Nepali Congress (NC) has released its election manifesto on Monday for the upcoming federal parliamentary and provincial polls slated for November 27 and December 6.

The ruling party has incorporated economic prosperity, tourism development, youth entrepreneurship, and modernization of agriculture, among other agendas, in its manifesto.

Lashing out at the recently formed left alliance in ins its election manifesto, the ruling party has stated that the CPN-UML and Maoist Centre have been trying to mislead the people by selling the dreams of political stability and economic prosperity to be achieved with the formation of a communist government.

The NC manifesto said that the Maoist Centre is an opportunist seeking short-term political gains by taking advantage of political instability. It claimed that the Maoist party led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal, in the past decade, has become the centre of unstable political equation, alliance for power acquisition and ideological ambiguity.

The manifesto has also claimed that the CPN-UML and Maoist Centre have been proven as parties protecting institutional corruption in a systematic manner.

“The dominance of communist in the parliament and the presidential system would not guarantee political stability in the country. Rather it will only been a dangerous experiment to push the country towards a despotic communist rule and a long-term conflict,” the NC’s manifesto reads.

Stating that the CPN-UML has turned into a party promoting crony capitalism, the NC manifesto has remarked that the obstruction by UML and Maoist Centre in passing the Health Profession and Education Bill at the parliament is the latest example of it.

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Maldives opposition legislator Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wins presidency

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MALE — Maldives opposition legislator Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has beaten incumbent Abdulla Yameen according to provisional results, the country’s Elections Commission says.

Results released by the Elections Commission showed Mr Solih securing 133,808 votes (58.3 percent) compared to the 95,526 for incumbent Abdulla Yameen. The voter turnout was over 88 per cent out of the 262,000-strong electorate.

The Maldives government has acknowledged the opposition’s victory after the vote on Sunday, a surprise defeat for President Abdulla Yameen who was widely expected to win.

There were no other candidates.

Mr Solih had the backing of a united opposition trying to oust Mr Yameen, but struggled for visibility with the electorate, with local media fearful of falling afoul of heavy-handed decrees and reporting restrictions.

“I call on Yameen to respect the will of the people and bring about a peaceful, smooth transfer of power,” Solih said on television, shortly after interim results from the country’s election commission.

“We have won this election with a comfortable majority,” Solih said.

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