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NC disrupts house demanding probe into leaking budget

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KATHMANDU — The main opposition party Nepali Congress on Monday obstructed four sequential meetings of the Legislature Parliament, demanding probe into leaking facts and figures of budget to media before the fiscal budget was presented in the House .

The main opposition party has also demanded Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel’s resignation on good grounds as information about the size of the budget and its priorities was disseminated a day before the budget was presented to Parliament.

The government on Saturday presented a Rs1048.92 billion budget, surpassing the Rs 909 billion ceiling set by the National Planning Commission.

Efforts of Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar to forge consensus between the ruling parties and the main opposition party fizzled, as the CPN-UML declined any probe into the holes.

When the Speaker started the meeting, the NC leaders demanded special time to speak. After the Speaker provided time to NC leader and former finance minister Ram Sharan Mahat to speak, he showed the newspaper that published the facts and figures of the budget before it was presented in the Parliament.

Mahat said that the budget broke the ceiling set by the National Planning Commission. This would invite financial disorder as the projects were proposed without research.

He said the Parliament had the prerogative of knowing the budget first and the leaks damaged the established norms and values of the parliamentary system.

Another NC leader and former finance minister Mahesh Acharya said during the third meeting, “All parties should be serious about the leaks, as it may cause serious consequence even in future. All parties should help maintain the dignity of the Parliament.”

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Flood sweeps away bridge at Barhabise





CHUTARA — Flood and landslide triggered by the incessant rainfall have swept away a concrete bridge over a local Sandi stream at Barhabise bazaar last night.

It has resulted in disruption of vehicular movement, creating hassles to the people especially from Barhabise municipality and Bhotekoshi rural municipality, said Police Inspector at Area Police Office, Barhabise, Yadav Thapa.

Twenty-two houses of Barhabise bazaar area have been waterlogged after the settlement was flooded.

The Chinese government had constructed the 40-feet long bridge in 2024 BS. Mud and sands have piled up to five feet on the road sides.

Three excavators have been used to remove the landslide debris, added Thapa. Engineer at the Road Division Office, Charikot, said preparation was underway to install a bailey bridge there.

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