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Nationawide campaign against animal sacrifice goes on




KATHMANDU—A campaign against animal sacrifice during the Bada Dashin festival has been organized nationawide.

The campaign held in coordination of various social 28 organizations including Nawajeevan Paropakar Society, Manab Kalyan Society, Baudhha Ningma Sangh, and Shree Krishna Pranami Youth Council is going on in all 77 districts since the past one week.

As stated by Nawajeeven Paropakara Society chair Durganath Dahal, under the campaign, demand has been made for putting an end to the culture of animal sacrifice at shrines of Hindu deities and the Kotghars(altars) during the Dashin festival. The campaigners have already submitted a memorandum to Chief District Offricers of all 77 districts, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, and party offices of major political parties, seeking an action against animal sacrifice in the name of rituals.

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“All the religious texts have advised the people to have feelings of campassion and love towards animals,” he added.

The memorandum states that killing of innocent animals in the name of religions is a cowardice act and rights of all to life must be guaranteed.

Nepali cine artist Nikhil Upreti is one of the participants of the campaign who described animal slaughter during the Dashin festival a ‘culture taboo’.

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Attorney General Kharel directs police to file a case to seek life imprisonment to rapists





DHANUSA— Attorney General Agni Prasad Kharel has directed the police department to file a case seeking life imprisonment to the men arrested for raping and murdering 10-year-old girl Manika Yadav along with confiscation of all property.

He made this direction to Superintendent of Police Gobinda Thapaliya during an inspection of the office of district government advocate and high government advocate office in Janakpur.

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Kharel also met Manika’s family at Aaurahi Rural Municipality.

During the meeting, he assured the bereaved family of action against the rapists and economic help to them.

The Dhanusa police have arrested Binod Mukhiya and Nathuni Pandit from the locality on the charge of raping Manika.

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