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Nat Geo puts Pokhara on Best Spring Trips 2017 list

KATHMANDU — The National Geographic has put Pokhara, the Lake City, of Nepal on its Best Spring Trips 2017 list.

The UK-based popular travel publication with a theme ‘Pokhara, Nepal, Hit a travel high in the beauty of this Himalayan city’ has described Pokhara as a hidden gem for adventurous travellers.

“Soaring over the Pokhara City delivers adrenaline-junkie Himalaya views without the hiking. Pokhara, a gateway to Nepal’s Annapurna region, is considered one of the world’s top spots for paragliding due, in part, to jaw-dropping views of glaciers, lakes, and snow-covered peaks,” it said.

It has also mentioned the list of activities what one can do in Pokhara. They include tame Cloud Buster (20- to 30-minute) scenic flight, a longer (45- to 60-minute) Cross-Country tour, and the spinning-and-spiraling Acrobatic Flight.

Before launching from Sarangkot (2,000 feet above the Pokhara Valley), snap a pic of Pokhara’s majestic mountain triple crown—26,795-foot Dhaulagiri, 26,040-foot Annapurna II, and 26,781-foot Manaslu, it said.

Other places in list are Capr Town in South Africa; New York’s City Central Park; Olympic National Park, Washington;Suzhou, China; Great Barrier Reef, Australia among other.

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