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NASA shares creepy image of ‘spiders’ on Mars

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NASA on Thursday has released a creepy image showing ‘spiders’ on Mars, small darks spots on the reddish landscape with tendrils one could easily perceive as tiny legs.

The marks were captured by the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on May 13, 2018 at Mars’ south pole during the planet’s winter season. The ‘spiders’ make their appearance as the season turns to spring, dotting the terrain.

In fact, the ‘spiders’ seen in the image are actually ‘araneiform terrain,’ which NASA describes as “spider-like radiating mounds that form when carbon dioxide ice below the surface heats up and releases.”

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The government space agency noted that the process is not found here on Earth and is caused when carbon dioxide ice turns from a solid into a gas. The gas then builds up under the surface and ultimately breaks through in jets that deposit a darker dust around the planet.

“The loss of the sublimated carbon dioxide leaves behind these spider-like features etched into the surface,” NASA explained on its website.

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Balmiki Education Foundation School students develop robot





BHADRAPUR— Students from Balmiki Education Foundation based in Birtamodh, Jhapa have developed several instruments including robot, drone and censor car.

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Eighth grader Roshan Kumar Saha and his colleagues made a robot at the cost of Rs 180,000.
The robot developed by the students was kept at Science Exhibition of the school on Monday.

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