Naked maids wanted to clean homes, £45 per hour!

Naked maids wanted

LONDON — A London-based cleaning company is offering £45 per hour for women willing to work entirely the naked.

Naturist Cleaners is on the hunt for women willing to clean, dust and vacuum homes around the country, wearing nothing but slippers and gloves.

The company, which offers naked cleaning services for the nudist community, is recruiting female staff “of all ages and figures” only to clean private houses across the UK.

Clients — the majority of whom are nudists, according to the agency — are charged £65 for the first hour and £55 for each hour after, and must agree to a strict “no touch” and no pictures or video policy.

The company, which began in London two years ago and is now expanding outside the capital, said it offers three services — with the client nude, with the cleaner nude, or both.

“The job will require doing all general cleaning like dusting, tidying up, vacuuming, watering plants, making beds, using the washing machine, ironing clothes and cleaning windows,” the company said.

Owner Laura Smith told ITV she had the idea after a nudist asked “if he could be naked while she cleaned for him”.

“We started in London two years ago and it’s proven really popular, so we’re expanding,”, she said.

“It’s a service for the nudist community. We are a cleaning company. There is nothing sexual about the business at all. The majority of our clients are nudist. I understand people will think certain things about the company, but there is nothing untoward about it.”

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In a blog post on the company’s website, it says: “There is nothing out there that even comes close to the unique, fun and exciting experience of hiring a maid for a nude cleaning service.

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