Muslim community bids farewell to Hindu procession

BARDIBAS — The Muslim community in Mahottai district bade farewell along with best wishes to the participants of the Mithila Madhyamiki Procession this morning.

The procession on its seventh day took rest at the Muslim majority Drubakunda VDC. The Muslim community wished them success for the next day’s rally.

The Mithila Madhyamiki Procession known as the Mahakumba of Mithila area is a Hindu ritual. The Muslim community members in the village have said that they feel the celebration and festivity is part of their own due to the geographical relation.

Mansul Kawari of Dhamaura – 9 said the community made use of the opportunity to greet and show good will to thousands of people at a single locality.

The Muslim community members have said their religion preaches respect, brotherhood and love which has encouraged them to welcome the travelers.

Atish Mishra of Dhamaura – 9 said although the village had a majority of Muslim community members there had never been a dispute in name of religion due to mutual friendship, exchange of cooperation and brotherhood.

The procession has moved forward from Drubakunda to Kanchanban for the eight day’s rest. Thousands of believers from Nepal and India are participating in the rally.

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