MP3 audio format officially dead

KATHMANDU — A German Foundation, Fraunhofer Institute has recently announced official termination of its MP3 licensing program for certain MP3-related patents and software.

MP3 has widely been credited with turning the music world on its head by allowing digital audio to be compressed without significantly impacting the quality of the sound.

MP3 made it easy to share music digitally, which usurped record companies and led to widespread piracy. Some companies like Apple were able to succeed.

“Although there are more efficient audio codecs with advanced features available today, MP3 is still very popular amongst consumers,” the Fraunhofer Institute said in a statement.

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Fraunhofer has supported the use of better formats like AAC family or MPEG-H. While this move won’t end the use of MP3 instantly, it’s a symbolic move that’ll help other audio formats grow.

Better quality formats that offer more efficient compression and more functionality are now the standard. And of course streaming is now a popular way many people listen to music and other audio files.

“However, most state-of-the-art media services such as streaming or TV and radio broadcasting use modern ISO-MPEG codecs, such as the AAC [Advanced Audio Coding] family or in the future MPEG-H.

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, which is a division of a German research institution that contributed to the development of MP3 in the late 1980s, helped create AAC.

It said AAC was now the “de facto standard for music download and videos on mobile phones”.