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More than 8,000 Nepalis trafficked yearly: NHRC

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KATHMANDU — Over 8,000 Nepali natives are being subjected to human trafficking each year, a national report claimed.

And, around 16,500 Nepali citizens, mostly unmarried women and children, were trafficked in the previous two years, according to a national report released by the National Human Rights Commission on Monday.

The report distributed by the NHRC said the numbers of trafficking victims in each of past two fiscal years (2013/14 and 2014/15) lie between 8,000 and 8,500.

Similarly, a total of 9,000 to 9,500 persons were subjected to attempt trafficking in each of the years, the Commission said.

The report has additionally claimed an increase in vulnerability of trafficking especially of women and children, at least by 20 percent after the April earthquake.

The report, which is based on primary and secondary data, has incorporated the figures of only three months after the quake. Nepal Police has record of total 1,233 women and children missing in three months of the earthquake.

The NHRC in its study has reasoned that larger parts of victims are recruited by giving false promises. Of the survivors, a whopping 85 percent had never been to school, few of them literates.

“Police rescued 161 children from different border points between Nepal and India in the same period,” read the report.

“It is reported that traffickers work in a group. In majority of the cases, the traffickers crossed the border with the victims during the daytime. Trafficking route is reported to be the main official border points between Nepal-India and Nepal-Tibet.”

The report was prepared using both primary and secondary data, according to the Commission spokesperson, Mohna Ansari.

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NAC aims to bring more tourists





KATHMANDU — Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) — the national flag carrier which bought two wide-body aircrafts — is exploring new destinations in Europe, North America and South East Asia to bring in more tourists to the country.

The NAC, with the new destinations, expects to increase its business and carry 400,000 tourists on board the NAC planes to Nepal every year.

The NAC’s move is expected to serve largely for the government’s announcement to mark 2020 as Nepal Visit Year.

The NAC is also planning to procure narrow-body planes that would make regional flights while the wide-body planes would fly to the new international destinations.

For the new destinations, the NAC has appointed issue manager.

With the agreement, the NAC planes would make flights to 14 destinations in a week. If things go as planned, the NAC planes would fly to Narita and Tokyo in Japan, easing the tourists visiting Nepal from there.

After getting approval from Japan and South Korea for flights, the inclusion in the significant safety concern list by the EU to Nepal would remove automatically while the flights to South Korea shall open up the golden door for Nepal Airlines.

South Korea is regarded as the safest country in the world in terms of civil aviation. Likewise, the ICAO has already removed Nepal from its blacklist.

Furthermore, the NAC is preparing to operate flights to bring in tourists from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Similarly, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari has directed the NAC for announcing new business plans by targeting the Indian and Chinese tourists, realizing the crucial role of the national flag carrier to make the Nepal Visit Year 2020 a success.

“Top priority has been given to the NAC as it is the major basis to bring in tourists,” Minister Adhikari shared.

Likewise, Minister Adhikari shared that expansion of services and facilities of the Tribhuvan International Airport has been prioritized.

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