Mata Tirtha Aunsi being observed across the country

KATHMANDU — Nepalis across the country and abroad are being observed Mata Tirtha Aunsi (Mother’s Day) today. Although it is a Hindu tradition, Mata Tirtha Aunsi, the Mother’s Day, is celebrated in the Nepali month of Baisakh every year by almost all communities in Nepal.

On Mata Tirtha Aunsi, Nepalis offer their mothers gifts and express gratitude toward them for giving birth and giving assurance.

According to a Hindu legend, a man walked through Mata Tirtha and saw his dead mother in the pond on Mata Tirtha Aunsi. Hindus also perform “Shradda” and make offering to the expired on this day.

Also according to a belief, a kid used to take his cows to feed close-by the pond. When he began eating his lunch a piece of the food fell in the pond. This incident repeated for long time with same style.

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One day the kid peeped into the pond to discover what was going there. Shockingly, he saw his dead mother in the pond.

The kid wanted her mother to return home with him and asked her mother for that. But she said she was at that point dead and it is not possible at all. However, she said she would appear in the pond every year on Baishak Krishna Aushi (No-moon day of Baishak).

He started visiting to the lake and to see his mother on same day every year and several other started following him hoping to see their mothers too.