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Man-eating lion gets life sentence in zoo

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NEW DELHI — India has sentenced three Asiatic lion to life in a zoo after it murdered at least three persons near Gir National Park in Gujarat state.

Seventeen lions were rounded up a month ago and had their paw prints and excrement tested after three people were killed.

The lions — a male and two females — have been caged in western India and will never be released back into the wild, forest officials said on Thursday.

A.P. Singh, the main conservator of Gujarat state, said human remains were found in the faeces of one male lion and two females.

He said the male had attacked and killed the humans, while the females had eaten the leftovers.

The male lion has been moved to an enclosure at the nearby Junagadh zoo, while the two females will be held in cages at a rescue centre, a zoo official said.

The other 14 lions will be released back into the wild at Gir, a sanctuary that has become overcrowded beyond its 270 lion capacity.

While some of India’s remaining 500 or so wild lions have migrated to surrounding wildlife parks in search of territory, other prides have settled near riverbeds or farmlands on the sanctuary’s borders, leading to conflict with nearby villagers.


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PM congratulates Nepali national cricket team





KATHMANDU— Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has congratulated Nepali national cricket team for being able to clinch the International T20 series.

PM Oli in a tweet extended best wishes and congratulations saying he was very happy to know Nepal’s win over the UAE by 14 runs in the third match of the series.

Winning T20 series is another landmark success for Nepali cricket, he said, adding, “It is big achievement for Nepal’s cricket. I would like to heartily congratulate entire members of Nepali cricket squad”.

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