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Longest House session prorogued

KATHMANDU — The longest running  House session in Nepal’s parliamentary history came to an end on Thursday after 381 days. The session commenced on May 3, 2016.

Speaker Onsari Gharti read out a letter from the Office of the President in a House meeting on Thursday and announced the closure of session.

According to  constitutional provisions, the president can commence and prorogue parliamentary sessions upon the recommendation of the government.

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Though there is a tradition of closing the budget session once the full budget for the fiscal year is endorsed, the ongoing session has continued even after endorsement of the budget for fiscal year 2016-17.

The government is planning to commence the budget session from Monday, May 22.

The previous longest House session started in 2011. Beginning from May 2, 2011, it ended on February 21, 2012, thus lasting for a total of 295 days.