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Lightning strike damages 8 houses in Parbat




PARBAT — Lightning strike damaged eight houses at Bachchha of Bihadi Rural Municipality-1 in Parbat district last night. A six-month-old child was also hurt in the incident.

The child sustaining injuries in the incident is Chitra Bahadur Nepali, the son of Chola Nepali. He is being treated at the local health post.

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The thunderbolt that struck amid rainfall on Sunday night caused damage to the eight houses at Ukala.

A buffalo was killed when the cowshed of local Dambar BK collapsed in the incident. It is raining in Parbat and surrounding areas since last night.

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Maha Astami being observed today

Pratigya Waiju



KATHMANDU- Today Maha Astami festival is being observed throughout the country by the Hindus.

On this day, people offer special worship to the goddesses Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Maha Saraswati. They also sacrifice goats and roosters.

People who do not sacrifice animals, offers sacrifices of various vegetables and fruits in place of animals.

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Special Durgapuja and prayer ceremonies are held at the Dasain Ghars. People also worship weapons, vehicles and machines.

On this day, a special Kalaratri worship is held at midnight at the Dashain Ghar of Hanumandhoka in the capital city.

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