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Lightning claims one in Bhaktapur

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BHAKTAPUR — A boy died after being struck by lightning at Bhaktapur on Monday.

Surendra Bel Tamang,17, of Hari Gadi Municipality-5, a labourer at Changunarayan-8-based brick kiln, died while undergoing treatment after being struck by lightning, according to Metropolitan Police Office Jagati.

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DSP Dipak Shrestha said that Tamang was taking shelter under a makeshift hut inside the brick kiln premises when the incident occurred.

Sanjali Yonjan, 17, of Phaparbaru Rural Municipality-5, Makwanpur was also injured in the incident.

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Cabs face music for non-compliance with meter rule





KATHMANDU — Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has broadened its action against taxis unwilling to operate on metre reading.

The traffic police will make monitoring extensive following an outpouring of grievances against the taxicabs from the commuters.

MTPD’s Joint Spokesperson Mukunda Marasini said the authorities have been taking action against 50 to 70 taxis on a daily basis for not complying with the rule to follow metre reading when charging fare.

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“Earlier, around 15 to 20 taxis fell under the action, but now our action has intensified,” he said urging the commuters to dial 103 to inform against any cabbies unwilling to travel on metre reading.

The MTPD has been charging fine ranging from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 to cabbies violating the rule. Spokesperson Marasini added that 30 police officers have been deployed in the streets of Kathmandu to monitor the taxis.

Around 4,000 taxis have already faced legal charges at the hands of MTPD in the ongoing fiscal year for non-compliance.

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