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Kuwaiti TV anchor suspended after she called Male colleague ‘handsome’ on air

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A Kuwaiti state television news anchor has been suspended after she called a male colleague ‘handsome’ on air. according to media reports.

According to Al Arabiya English, anchor Basima Al-Shammar was hosting the live coverage of Kuwait’s municipal elections last weekend. As she was handing over to a male colleague Nawaf Al-Shiraki, she joked that he should stop adjusting his headwear on camera, as he was ‘already handsome’.

Her casual comment was interpreted as ‘flirtatious’ by some and caught the attention of a Kuwaiti Member of Parliament, who complained about it on Twitter. The journalist has defended her remark as ‘routine’ and says the furore over it has left her confused.

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A video that subsequently went viral shows Nawaf Al-Shiraki adjusting his gutra or traditional headgear as he appears on air. That’s when Ms Al-Shammar says in Arabic, “No need to fix your gutra, Nawaf, you look handsome!” The word she uses is “maizyoon,” which translates into ‘cute’ or ‘handsome’ in the Kuwaiti dialect.

It’s an off-the-cuff comment that the reporter appears not to hear or respond to.

Saudi Arabia’s Arab News reports Ms Al-Shammar’s comment was considered ‘flirtatious’ by some while according to Kuwait’s Al-Qabas newspaper, MP Mohammad Al-Hayef tweeted the Gulf country’s Ministry of Information, writing that such a “slip of tongue” should not be tolerated on state television.

That led to the ministry handing out a temporary suspension to the anchor, pending an investigation into the matter.


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Man shots dead his 6-month-old son after wife refused to have sex with him

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A Brazilian man has allegedly shot dead his six-month-old son after his wife refused to have sex with him.

Police have charged Maycon Salustiano Silva, 25, with killing his son in the early hours of Wednesday morning after arguing with his 20-year-old wife Jeniffer at their home in Luziania, Brazil, DailyMail reported.

The baby, named Michel, was pronounced dead in the hospital two hours after the incident.

The accused allegedly claimed he had been drinking and smoking marijuana and ‘didn’t remember what happened.’

Detective Daniel Martins Ferreira, investigating the case, said police believe Silva shot the infant at point blank range ‘in a moment of rage.’

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‘We believe the suspect, in a moment of rage when he didn’t get what he wanted, shot the child at point blank range by resting the gun on the baby’s chest as he lay in the cot in his parent’s bedroom,’ he told local media.

A 22 gauge pistol was recovered tucked down the back of a sofa in the family’s living room, along with several rounds of ammunition.

‘The mother reported that her husband woke her up and wanted to have sex with her. She said she was tired and ‘did not want to’.

‘He then apparently became irritated and physically assaulted her in the argument that followed.’

In the midst of the quarrel, it is claimed Silva went to get some water but returned with a gun which he pointed at his wife.

‘At first he allegedly threatened to kill wife Jeniffer. She begged her husband to stay calm, but he only became angrier,’ Ferreira said.

‘She claims he turned the gun on their son and pointed the gun at his chest while demanding if she believed he had the courage to shoot their child. Then he allegedly shot the baby.’

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Neighbours who heard the woman’s screams called the police around 1.30am. Approximately two hours after police were called, an ambulance arrived at the family’s home. The infant was rushed to an emergency unit, but pronounced dead on arrival.

Silva, who has no previous criminal record, was arrested and charged with manslaughter and the illegal possession of a weapon. He is also accused of domestic violence.

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