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King Tutankhamun’s dagger came from outer space: Study

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King Tutankhamun, the boy king of Egypt, was buried with a dagger made of iron from space, a new study by researchers from Milan Polytechnic, Pisa University and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, has found.

The knife, placed on the right thigh of the mummified body, originated from iron of meteoric origins, researcher confirmed.

The team used a non-invasive X-ray technique to confirm the composition of the iron without damaging it, according to the study published in the journal of Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

“Meteoritic iron is clearly indicated by the presence of a high percentage of nickel,” the study’s lead author Daniela Comelli told Discovery News.

The pharaoh’s dagger is composed of nearly 11 percent nickel – almost three times the amount found in artifacts produced from iron ore quarrying. It also has traces of cobalt consistent with that of iron meteorites.

Iron meteorites are mostly made of iron and nickel, with small quantities of cobalt, phosphorus, sulfur and carbon.

The team then went a step further to locate the source of the blade. “We took into consideration all meteorites found within an area of 2,000 kilometers in radius centered in the Red Sea, and we ended up with 20 iron meteorites,” Associate Professor Comelli explained.

The cobalt traces found in the iron dagger further confirmed the meteoric origin, Comelli said.

“The nickel and cobalt ratio in the dagger blade is consistent with that of iron meteorites that have preserved the primitive chondritic ratio during planetary differentiation in the early solar system,” she said.

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King Tutankhamun's dagger came from outer space: Study

The researchers took into consideration all the meteorites found within a 2,000 kilometre radius of the centre of the Red Sea, and narrowed it down to 20 iron meteorites.

“Only one, named Kharga, turned out to have nickel and cobalt contents which are possibly consistent with the composition of the blade,” Comelli said.

The study confirms ancient Egyptians placed high value on meteoritic iron while producing precious objects.

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Man dies after masturbating 62 times on Valentine’s Day

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CAPE TOWN — A single man from Bloemfontein in South Africa reportedly died on Valentine’s Day afternoon after he masturbated 62 times in a row.

Identified as 33-year-old, David Mabuza died of heart attack on Valentine’s day afternoon, after he masturbated jaw-dropping 62 times in a row.

Mabuza, who lived with his parents, was found dead in his bedroom after apparently masturbating too much. It is speculated that he was suffering from depression due to being ‘extremely lonely’ on Valentines Day.

David’s mother called security officials after discovering his dead body in his room.

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David’s mother told Nusa reporters “One hour passed since I had called him out for lunch. David was the kind of boy to steal food off your plate when you were not looking, I knew something was wrong when he didn’t come out to eat, he was a great kid” she said as she began to cry.”

Officer Ronny Mkhize told reporters what they saw when they opened David’s bedroom door.

“The young man was on his bed… his pen*s was detached from his body, it must have been so intense it just came off his body, we found his pen*s gripped in his left hand so tightly we couldn’t get it out, it was tragic,” he said.


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