Katy Perry slammed online for posting goddess Kali’s image

TOKYO — American singer Katy Perry has been slammed for sharing a picture of Hindu goddess Kali on Instagram to depict her ‘current mood’, with many calling it disrespectful.

The 32-year-old ‘Chained To Rhythm’ shared the image on Instagram on Tuesday night and captioned it: Current mood.

“This is a little offensive to the Hindu community because the meaning behind this photo and god symbolises something different. Not sure what you intended it for, but its supposed to symbolise strength, and courage,” an Instagram user posted.

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“What’s this? This is our God. How could you compare your mood with this,” another user wrote.

“F**k you Perry why are you insulting my religion,” another user wrote.

Perry’s Instagram post comes a few months after singer Miley Cyrus performed a ‘Lakshmi puja’ at her home in Malibu.

This is not the first time that Perry has shown interest in Hindu god.

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