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Kansas woman allegedly forced to pee in cup on United Airlines flight

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KANSAS CITY — In a horrific story about the state of commercial flight, a nurse from Kansas City says she was forced to pee into a cup in her seat because she was not allowed to use the plane’s lavatory on a flight from Houston.

Nichole Harper told KCTV that she had a sudden urge to urinate because of her overactive bladder on the flight last month to Kansas City, Missouri.

She says a flight attendant told her she wasn’t allowed to stand up because the pilot was expecting turbulence. Harper responded by saying she was going to need a cup. She says flight crew reprimanded her after she filled two cups.

Early Saturday, Harper posted on her Facebook account and sais she became frustrated at her inability to get anyone at United Airlines to acknowledge her complaint.

“United Airlines refuses to take my call, now I can’t sleep and just keep thinking about how wrong this is,” Harper wrote.

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Harper says it happened less than 30 minutes into the flight. United says it was during descent.

The airline’s reputation has undeniably taken a severe blow over the span of a few months.

Last month, a French woman wound up on a plane to San Francisco instead of Paris from a New Jersey airport after United made a last-minute gate change which she was not informed of.

An 11-hour layover in San Francisco and 28 hours of travel later, the woman finally arrived at her destination. United issued an apology after the incident.

The company’s biggest public relations disaster was in March, when a video posted on Facebook showed three security officials violently dragging a passenger from a United Airlines flight at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The passenger was injured and hospitalized after being dragged from the plane to make space for four crew members.

The airline was also accused of discrimination after two teenage girls were barred from entering a flight because they were wearing leggings.

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Brazilian doctor helps women through labor by dancing with them

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Labor pain may be one of the most excruciating experiences a woman can endure. And, this Brazilian doctor has a special idea to ease the pain — dance.

Dr Fernando Guedes da Cunha, who is known as ‘the dancing doctor’, posted videos on Instagram of himself busting moves with heavily pregnant women to hit songs like Despacito.

Though labour pain can be excruciating, there is some scientific evidence that supports Dr Fernando’s technique.

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His latest video, posted on December 15, shows a woman, who developed diabetes while she was pregnant, dancing with the obstetrician while awaiting the arrival of her new baby.

Dr Cunha isn’t just dancing for fun, research has shown movement during labor makes giving birth easier as according to experts, dancing can certainly help the birth process as it assists the baby in moving through the birth canal structures.

It helps shift the pressure of the baby pressing on maternal skeletal structures and organs.

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