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Israeli device would let pregnant women take ultrasound scans on smartphone

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JERUSALEM — An Israeli startup, PulseNmore LTD, is in the final stages of developing a revolutionary handheld ultrasound device that will allow pregnant women to check on the health of their baby using only a smartphone, according The Times of Israel report.

The invention could revolutionize ultrasound tests and the frequency in which would be mothers check on their unborn child, especially in Israel, where women undergo 6-8 tests on average, according to Prof Israel Meisner, head of the Obstetric Ultrasound Unit at Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva.

PulseNmore LTD says its device can connect to any smartphone, displaying the images on its screen and sending them to the pregnant woman’s personal doctor for examination, the report said.

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“The purpose is to use it only when necessary, when there’s anxiety,” Dr. Elazar Sonnenschein, co-founder of PulseNmore, told Hadashot TV.

The device, however, has yet to receive approval from the Health Ministry. But the company says it has been successfully tested in the United States.

The Company says its device can be used for up to 25 ultrasound checks and will retailed at around US$190 once it receives certification from the Health Ministry.

That cost doesn’t include payment to the doctor examining the image. But the startup said it was in talks with Israeli health funds on the subject, since the device could save them money by making costly ultrasound tests unnecessary.

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Balmiki Education Foundation School students develop robot





BHADRAPUR— Students from Balmiki Education Foundation based in Birtamodh, Jhapa have developed several instruments including robot, drone and censor car.

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Eighth grader Roshan Kumar Saha and his colleagues made a robot at the cost of Rs 180,000.
The robot developed by the students was kept at Science Exhibition of the school on Monday.

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