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Iran detains 10 US sailors

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WASHINGTON — Iran has detained 10 mariners on board two small U.S. Naval force water crafts on Tuesday.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces have detained theme when one of their boats apparently became disabled in the Persian Gulf.

The semi-official Iranian news agency FARS reported that Iranian Revolutionary Guards arrested 10 U.S. troops for trespassing in Iranian waters. Nine men and one woman were detained. The vessels carried three .50-caliber machine guns, the agency reported.

Pentagon authorities said the occurrence happened near Farsi Island in the Gulf. They said one of their two small boats had mechanical trouble, causing one or both to run aground. The sailors were then picked up by Iran and taken to the island. But it is unclear where they are now.

The boats were moving between Kuwait and Bahrain at the time, and the Pentagon briefly lost contact with the crews.

The U.S. is communicating with Iranian officials, who gave assurances of the sailors’ safety, the official said.

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to his Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, who promised the two ships would be allowed to continue their voyage, likely at dawn Wednesday local time, according to a senior U.S. official.

The boats drifted into Iranian coastal waters in the vicinity of Farsi Island in the north Persian Gulf, apparently after one experienced mechanical problems and the other attempted to render aid. It was not clear how far into Iranian waters they traveled, but the move was unintentional, the senior official said.

The incident could be a key test for Iran-U.S. relations following a nuclear deal in which the United States and other world powers agreed to lift international sanctions in return for Iran reducing its nuclear program.


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Warm clothes provided to elderly, disabled people of Gorkha





GORKHA- Warm clothes have been distributed to elderly and disabled people at Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality-7 in the district.

The rural municipality provided clothes including blankets to 217 elderly people and 23 people with disabilities within the ward. The clothes distribution aims to help the people overcome chilling cold, said the ward chairperson Narayan Shrestha.

“Many people affected by the earthquake of April, 2015 have been living in temporary shelters. Mostly elderly and disabled people have been affected by cold. So the clothes we have provided will give a relief to them,” he said.

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