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Indonesian police arrest 3 suspects after Jakarta attacks

Gorkha Post



JAKARTA — The Indonesian Police on Friday arrested three men on suspicion for allegedly involved waging war against country and serial blasts that killed seven people and injured 20.

The arrests on Friday came under 24 hours after the shooting and bombarding frenzy, the first such attack in the country since 2009.

Depok area police Chief Colonel Dwiyono informed that the arrests were made on Friday morning and the hunt for different terrorists is on. However, no further details were uncovered about their identity.

At least 20 people were wounded when at least five attackers opened fire near a Starbucks coffee house in the city. Those killed included an Indonesian and a Canadian.

Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed the responsibility of the six serial blasts in Jakarta on Thursday itself, which was followed by fierce gun-battle between the security forces and terrorists.

Dwiyono informed that the suspected terrorists are being questioned and the hunt for other suspects is on. MetroTV broadcast footage of the handcuffed men being escorted by police. According to local media reports, the youths involved in the attack were Indonesians who had travelled to Syria and turned radicals.

The attack was carried out by group of five militants in the heart of Jakarta. Three of the ISIS terrorists detonated themselves at Starbucks Cafe in Central Jakarta, whereas the Sarinah business mall and the UN office were among the other targets. IT has been said that the attacks were very near to the Presidential Palace.

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Advance booking open for Dashin

Pratigya Waiju



Kathmandu—Finally, Federation of Nepalese National transportation Entrepreneurs Association agrees to open pre-booking for Dashin after the government decided to increase public transport fares by 10 percent.

The federation was demanding to unfreeze their bank accounts and adjust the fares in view of rising fuel prices.

On Saturday after the agreement between the government and federation, the transportation entrepreneurs opened advance booking.  Most of the counters set up banners announcing pre-booking for Dashin and many people were in que to book the ticket in advance.

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