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Indian police arrest a man for wearing stinky socks

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NEW DELHI — In a bizarre incident, Indian police have arrested a man after his stinky socks caused a dispute between him and fellow passengers traveling in a bus.

According to the Hindustan Times, 27-year-old Prakash Kumar,was travelling to the capital Delhi from Dharmashala on the intervening night of November 26 and 27.

The incident occurred when Prakash put off his shoes and socks near Kangra while traveling on a bus. The fellow passenger irritated from the stench, asked Kumar to put his socks in his bag or throw them out. But he refused, sparking a brawl.

On his reluctance, the fellow passenger then forced the driver to take the bus to a nearby police station in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and lodged a complaint against him for “causing a public nuisance,” BBC reported.

Kumar was later arrested by the police. He said his socks did not have a foul smell, adding that the passengers just traded heated arguments with him for no reason.

Later, Kumar was granted bail and was released from the police custody.

The incident teaches us to wear clean socks and avoid such inconvenience to ourselves and others while travelling.

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Maldives opposition legislator Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wins presidency

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MALE — Maldives opposition legislator Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has beaten incumbent Abdulla Yameen according to provisional results, the country’s Elections Commission says.

Results released by the Elections Commission showed Mr Solih securing 133,808 votes (58.3 percent) compared to the 95,526 for incumbent Abdulla Yameen. The voter turnout was over 88 per cent out of the 262,000-strong electorate.

The Maldives government has acknowledged the opposition’s victory after the vote on Sunday, a surprise defeat for President Abdulla Yameen who was widely expected to win.

There were no other candidates.

Mr Solih had the backing of a united opposition trying to oust Mr Yameen, but struggled for visibility with the electorate, with local media fearful of falling afoul of heavy-handed decrees and reporting restrictions.

“I call on Yameen to respect the will of the people and bring about a peaceful, smooth transfer of power,” Solih said on television, shortly after interim results from the country’s election commission.

“We have won this election with a comfortable majority,” Solih said.

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