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Humanoid robot Sophia to arrive Nepal today

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KATHMANDU — Sophia, the first humanoid robot that was granted citizenship by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is all set to visit Nepal on Tuesday as a keynote speaker in a conference.

Sophia is part of the United Nations Development Programme’s conference on “Technology for Public Services/Development” on March 21 which is being organised to showcase how technology can offer possibilities of development in the country.

“As part of our efforts to facilitate discussions on how technology and innovation could contribute to better governance, and towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, UNDP is organizing the conference where Sophia will be take part,” UNDP said in a statement.

“the conference is aimed at helping Nepal find ways to better using technology and innovation for advancing development in a changed federal context,” it further reads.

Sophia will deliver keynote address at the conference and will be followed by presentations from experts and innovators in the areas of inclusive economic growth, democratic governance and resilience.

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Sophia was built by the Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics in 2015. The inventor David Hanson claims that the robot is imbued with artificial intelligence and can recognise faces.

The humanoid robot’s face can reportedly mimic 62 human facial expressions and with a camera and Google voice recognition software Sophia can recognise the person she is speaking to.

Sophia, now two and a half years old, uses voice and face recognition technology combined with artificial intelligence to carry on conversations with humans. She was first introduced to the United Nations in October this year.

Sophia was interviewed onstage in a stilted conversation at the Future Investment Initiative conference and has been attending various seminars across the world.

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Petroleum products’ prices go down





KATHMANDU- The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has slashed the prices of petroleum products effective this midnight.

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A meeting of the NOC held today reduced the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene by Rs 2 per litre each. With the adjusted price list, petrol shall cost Rs 112 per litre while diesel and kerosene will be available at Rs 99 per litre, NOC spokesperson Birendra Goit shared.

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