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Health workers obstruct anti-polio drop drive in Kailali

DHANGADHI — The agitating health workers have obstructed the government’s anti-polio drop drive in Kailali district.

According to the District Public Health Office supervisor Pradip Joshi, the campaign was halted as necessary vaccines and devices did not arrive because of the disruption being caused by the health workers.

The health workers in various districts of the nation, demanding the implementation of the Section 9B of the Health Service Act 19(b), have been staging protests at health facilities and District Public Health Offices for nearly a couple of months.

As many as 116,846 children below the age of five in the district have been affected, Joshi informed.

The two-day campaign is underway in different 15 districts across the nation Saturday.

Earlier, the government had scheduled the campaign for February 18-19. But, it was later postponed for today and tomorrow owing to the workers’ strike.

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