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Happiness can also break your heart

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Sadness can weigh on you beyond all doubt, and sometimes a particularly sad or stressful event can trigger what’s known as ‘broken heart syndrome.’

However, it’s not only the awful times that can precipitate this syndrome; joyful and happy occasions can also trigger broken heart syndrome, according to a study published Thursday in European Heart Journal.

Joyful events, such as, the birth of a child, a big win by your team, can trigger a dangerous condition called the “broken heart syndrome”, the study said.

Under this condition, also known as Takotsubo syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy,  the heart muscles rapidly and severely weaken. This temporary ailment causes severe chest pain and can lead to life-altering consequences such as heart attack and even death.

The researchers analyzed data from the International Takotsubo Registry at the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland and looked at 485 patients from nine countries who had a specific emotional trigger for the syndrome.

By far most – 465, or 96 percent – had broken heart syndrome triggered by sad and stressful events. That included the death of a loved one, an accident, attending a funeral, worries about illness and relationship problems.

But an additional 20 people in the study (4 percent of the group) had the syndrome triggered by joyful occasions, such as a birthday party, wedding, the birth of a grandchild and even a favorite sports team winning. The researchers dubbed them ‘happy heart’ cases.

The researchers of this new study say their findings ‘broaden the clinical spectrum’ of the syndrome, and that clinicians should be aware of this when treating patients with symptoms.

Broken heart syndrome most commonly affects women around 60, and that’s what played out in this recent study; women comprised 95 percent of the cases analyzed.

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Rape cases rising in Tulsipur High Court’s desk





DANG — The High Court Tulsipur in Dang last fiscal year settled 602 cases. As stated by court registrar Shreelal Poudel, in the period, the court registered 413 new cases and the number of cases in pending case (previous years) were 373. Of the total 786 cases, the court gave its final hearings on 602 cases.

The records show that among the cases filed in the period, the highest number is about rape which is figured at 88 and 70 have been already sorted out legally while 18 are under sub-judice.

Similarly, the cases registered seeking divorce were 21 and among them the court finished its proceedings on 19 cases.

The court has set up the civic help desk and arranged for free application writing facility, making the service system technology-friendly.

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